Lost Pet Advice

If you have lost your pet here are a few tips on what you can do to help find them.

  • Contact your local dog warden and Garda station to see if your pet has been handed in. N.B. - Make sure you contact local dog wardens as you only have 5 days to re-claim for dogs.
  • Contact your local vet including the UCD emergency Hospital.
  • Contact all local animal shelters/rescue groups. You may also need to contact groups outside of your county as animals can stray quite far and the longer they are missing the further they can travel.
  • Put up missing posters/flyers in local shops, community centres, petrol stations, trains stations etc.
  • Create a missing pet notice and share it on multiple social networks to get as far a reach as possible.
  • Knock into neighbours in the area as someone might have taken your pet in or they could be hiding in your neighbours garden if injuried or scared.
  • Regularly visit local pounds & animal rescue centres as pets are picked up daily.
  • Never give up, look everywhere, even places you think they wouldn't or couldn't go or fit.
  • If you find your pet please remember to contact all the organisations and people you have told about your lost pet so they know your pet has been found and please take down all posters and signs.
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