Found Pet Advice

If you have found a pet here are a few tips on what you can do to help find their owner.

  • Give them something to eat and drink as it might have been a couple of days since they properly ate.
  • If possible take them in and keep them warm and dry.
  • Contact your local vet to see if any animal matching has been reported missing.
  • If the pet has a microchip tag, bring them to your local vet to get them scanned to get their owner details, if no microchip tag is found still bring them to get scanned in your local vet as their collar or tag might have fallen off.
  • Put up found posters/flyers in local shops, community centres, petrol stations, trains stations etc.
  • Create a found pet notice and share it on multiple social networks to get as far a reach as possible.
  • Ask neighbours if they recognise the animal and if they might know who the owner is.
  • If you are unable to find the owner or can't take care of the animal, contact a local animal rescue centre as they will be able to take care of the animal or find a foster family in the mean time while the owner is looked for.
  • N.B. - The animal will most likely be scared so it would be best to keep it away from small children and other pets until it has settled down. You don't know the animal or it's temperament so always be careful. Never leave a small child on it's own with an animal no matter how well you think you know the animal.
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